Christ Church

Here are some images of one of my all time favorite places and things to see. This is Christ Church in Philadelphia, Pa. The church was founded in 1695. Come on, that’s a long time ago. What makes it so special is the number of founding fathers who met here, and 15 of those were actual members of the church. George Washington’s daughter was married in this building, under the very same chandelier that hangs there now. Betsy Ross was a member. Ben Franklin was a member. This building was built before the Capitol building, which is now Independence Hall. So most if not all signers met here at to discuss starting a New Nation based on a new type of government, and Freedom for all people. I hope you get a chance to visit this special place. Until you do, here are a few images of my many visits.

It’s hard to imagine this was once the tallest building in the USA.  And was so for many years. Yes, its that old.


How cool is it to realize 15 signers of the Decleration of Indepandance were members here.

Among them, George Washington and his Family. Who walked down this very street?


If you looked in this window 300 years ago, you could have seen George Washington, Ben Franklin, Betsy Ross, and almost every signer of the Decleration at one time or another. All werent members, but all gathered here.


This church was founded long before the Country was founded!



Yes, there are people buried in the Church. It was only for the most respected members or the Church. The closer to the alter, the more you had influence in the church, but being in the building was a great form of respect.


These are the names of the people who came from England, risked their life and started this Church.


This very Bell hung in the fork of a tree 316 years ago and rang when church was being held. It was made in the same foundry as the Libery Bell, almost 75 years before the Liberty Bell was made.


I’ve been here 10 to 12 times, this was Pam’s first visit. Like everyone else, she loved it.


The elevated Pulpit is on the right of photo. The Church was founded in 1695. Only 12 pastors have ever presided over this congregation. 12 pastors in 316 years! Incredible.


I love hosting friends, sharing some of my favorite places and events. Here Stephen and Todd stand in front of the alter.


Pam and I hosted Campbell and Dianne Haigh, and some of their business team. Jake Baker, Elizabeth Baker, Bryon James, George Goodwin.


My good friend Aaron. His second time to the Church.


Tara and Matt in the pew box that was George Washingtons Family’s. It gave me chills the first time I sat in this pew, and I get chills every time since.


Dennis and Tammy.


From Southern California, Derek and Bryon.


Do you realize how many people who founded our Country worshiped here! The Decleration was signed in 1776, this was opened 81 years earlier. The Church curator says almost every signer was in this building at one time or another.


George and Rene.


Todd in Washingtons booth!



While at a Phillies game, I brought 3 rookies to the hallowed grounds, here is West, Andrew and Tim.



Sharing one of my favorite places on earth, with 4 great couples.

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