Family Beach Trip

Hello Everybody,

I know it’s been awhile since we have posted on the blog, but we have just been having so much fun, we haven’t had time to sit down and write about it!

In July we spent two weeks at the beach for one of our annual family trips. We rented two cottages on the sound at our favorite spot on the coast of NC.


We invited some of our friends and family to spend a few days with us.

Our good friends Dave and Jodi Perez…



One of our favorite places to eat at. Its a little burger and fry joint thats straight out of the 50`s and 60`s. Its not decorated vintage, it IS vintage. And oh yea, its a old fashoned ice cream soda fountain. Perfect for a late evening summer treat. Here`s the entire Winters family all together with good friends David and Jodi.


Another fav, a chef from NYC relocated to this tiny little island, ( can you say witness protection? ) and works here at a small corner hot dog and hamburger place during the day. But after 5pm, it offers some of the best high end meals you will ever experience anywhere. Im not sure what this guy did, but im glad hes in NC. Tip, do not send your food back if its not perfect! Not a good idea….


Pams nephew and one of our business partners, Chris.  Alais, Fred Durst

We spent ALOT of time playing:

swimming at the sandbars…

playing catch near (and in) the water…

Matt played college baseball, David played colege baseball, I played a little ball. Stephen and Ricky, not so much. However, the apple doesnt fall far from the tree. They can throw and catch even the hardes throws of Matt and David.


Playing catch on Leigh Isl.


On the beach

IMG_1307 (2)



Ricky and Stephen Wakeboard. Pam Skis. I drive the boat.



Me and Pam, on her 100 mph Yamaha Jet Ski. And they ain`t playin when they say, JET !



Tara, going 85 mph ! just kidding…



Ricky was recovering from a MX injury so he did something quite easy, tranquil, safe! He took Taras new paddle board for a spin right behind our cottage. He was blessed with a family of Dolphins feeding all around him. Here are two that were playing with him. This was from our dock just a few feet from out cottage.


Tara and Roxie, the wonder dog! With here life vest on!



7 am, not a sole on this tiny little island.


5:45 am, heading to Leigh Island, a completly deserted island a 10 minute boat ride from our cottage to see the sunrise! Spectular. I love being on the water early morning and late evening ! As the sun comes up, and as the sun goes down.


Our all purpose Yamaha jet boat. Anchored at Leigh island while we play.


Stephen and Ricky ready to wakeboard. Roxie tagged along. Stephen 23, Ricky 21, brothers, best friends, and now buisness partners. they have been to this part of NC coast every year sine birth. Its a huge part of our family traditions!


Tara, Matt and Roxie

Hunting for seashells…

Watching (and photographing) sunsets and sunrise…










And my favorite, pre Sunrise, about 5:45. The sun came up at 6:10.

Obviously this is just a small portion of what we did over two weeks, but the best part was being there as a family, making memories and living the dream together!


Enjoying another 2 weeks in NC paradise. We are so thankful for our freedom. As Americans, and business owners not tied to a job, desk, or schedule of Any kind. Thanks for letting me share a little slice of our life with you. LW, Livin the Dream

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