Extreme Lifestyle

Motocross racing has been a large part of my life, and our family’s for the last 12 years. Stephen and Ricky have been racing amateur MX almost 40 weekends a year since 2000. Stephen retired from amateur racing 2 years ago to start his own business and partner with Pam and I. Ricky continued on, and turned Professional this past June.  We are blessed with the time and finances to attend almost all their amateur races, and now we are able to see him race as a pro. This is a dream come true for me, as I raced amateur mx as a teen, and always dreamed of being a pro rider. Well, both Stephen and Ricky were much better than I was, and both accomplished much more than I did. Here is a look at a very different side of our lifestyle than you might ever expect. After 12 years, hundreds of races, thousands of motos, millions of dollars, and countless memories, here we are…..


I started riding motocross in 1974, with 3 close friends. Mike Bundy, Rush McMomas and Barry Elam. This is me with my Yamaha 125 and Dodge van in 1977.


1978 Sanford NC. Now riding a 1978 1/2 RM 125 C model.


We all had one bike, one helmet, one set of gear.


1978, Pam and her puppy, at one of the many amateur races we attended.


Mike Bundy, getting the Holeshot in the 250 B class, at a track named SME. This track is still operating, its the oldest mx track in Virginia, now called Actiontown. Mike and I both raced here, as well as Stephen and Ricky. Pretty cool.


1979, me with my 1979 KX 125 A5.


L-Dub on his favorite bike of all time. I sold this bike in 1980 to have money for our honeymoon.


Me and Stephen, age 3, enjoying another day with a free dad.


The boys, 4 and 2.


I was hoping for a shortstop and second baseman, but MX was in their DNA !


Here they are on their KX 80 and KX 60.  #12 was for Double with qualified legs, 14 was for FAA points. You gotta keep you goals in front of you. It worked!


Local practice track, Stephen telling Ricky he can do the jump. Ricky Honda CR 80.


Stephen and his Honda CR 125.


SW putting in the work!


This is the boys trophy room, and bike shop. Ricky`s #141,  Stephen`s #102, other rider I helped #34.


Ricky as a amateur, B class, holeshot, Loretta Lynn Regional, Red Bud Michigan.


RW, 120 ft triple jump, Georgia.


RW, getting some air on a supercross practice track.

The boys racing has taken them to 23 different States(including Hawaii), and across the pond to Europe. Here we are celebrating Team USA’s victory at the MX Master Kids in Belgium.


Ricky putting in the work, 2010, just before turning pro.


Personal Freedom means you can attend Mid Week pratice sessions, as well as any race you want !


Pam and I at Rickys last race as a amateur.


The big time, AMA Pro Nationals


Ricky, now on Team Dragon, KTM 250, #690


Millvile Minnesota, 2010


RW, Unadilla NY



Ricky’s Team Dragon is run buy AG Motorsports. AG is initials for, Amazing Grace ! Pretty cool..


A proud Mom and her “Little” boy! Yes, we “Live the Dream” every day. Now Ricky is Living his. Dreams do come true!

What are your Dreams? Make them happen too…

– L-Dub

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4 Responses to Extreme Lifestyle

  1. Brandi says:


  2. Nic Griffith says:

    I would absolutely love to be able to do that

  3. Rochelle says:

    Thanks for sharing! Everything makes sense! Thanks for inspiring me to Duplicate a free lifestyle!

  4. Deb Moore says:

    Appreciate being able to share your family’s memories thru photos.

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