West Coast Adventures

As some of you may know, Larry is on a mission to visit every ballpark in the USA. Back in June, he hit Ballpark # 19 and #20, Dodgers Stadium and Oakland Coliseum…



Here is what Larry had to say about his experience in an email:
“I’m having a incredible time here in SoCal, and my quest to attend all 30 MLB baseball stadiums. Today I went to ballpark #19 Dodger stadium. Saw the Cardinals and Albert Pujols play the Dodgers. Dodgers won 12 to 4?
The score isn’t the important thing, it was ballpark #19. And I got to meet with Hall of Fame announcer, Vin Scully. Meeting him and visiting with him was absolutely one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced. On top of that, as always we go first class, in VIP style. We had great seats, VIP box, all you can eat buffet during the game, private tables at our seats. I got autographs from Tony Larusa and Joe Torey, (both Hall of Fame managers), as well as Albert Pujols and Andre Ethier. Also, the SoCal weather was perfect! It was without a doubt one of the best days of freedom I have ever experienced. L Dub, Livin the Dream”

Meeting Vin Scully, Dodger Broadcaster for 60 years…


Hanging out with A’s player Jake Fox (who now plays for the Orioles) during batting practice…


Front row seats…


and to top off an incredible trip, Larry made his first visit to the Golden Gate Bridge…



Livin the Dream!

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