Coast of NC

The week after Labor Day sounded like a great time to go to the beach, so we booked a cottage on the ocean and took another family trip…


The town was practically empty so we had the beaches almost to ourselves…




Our back deck walked right out onto the beach…


It was the perfect vantage point to watch the sunrise…







One of our favorite things to do is play at the beach on the southern tip of the island. We took the jetski down one night right before dusk, and had a blast in the water…



There was a fox that was living on the beach, and he was not scared of us at all. We have no idea how he got there, but he was very curious, and loved our hushpuppies!




Riding home on the jetski right as the sun was setting. Being on the water at that time is simply stunning…




What a blessing, spending time with each other and the rest of the family in all of our favorite places…



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Christ Church

Here are some images of one of my all time favorite places and things to see. This is Christ Church in Philadelphia, Pa. The church was founded in 1695. Come on, that’s a long time ago. What makes it so special is the number of founding fathers who met here, and 15 of those were actual members of the church. George Washington’s daughter was married in this building, under the very same chandelier that hangs there now. Betsy Ross was a member. Ben Franklin was a member. This building was built before the Capitol building, which is now Independence Hall. So most if not all signers met here at to discuss starting a New Nation based on a new type of government, and Freedom for all people. I hope you get a chance to visit this special place. Until you do, here are a few images of my many visits.

It’s hard to imagine this was once the tallest building in the USA.  And was so for many years. Yes, its that old.


How cool is it to realize 15 signers of the Decleration of Indepandance were members here.

Among them, George Washington and his Family. Who walked down this very street?


If you looked in this window 300 years ago, you could have seen George Washington, Ben Franklin, Betsy Ross, and almost every signer of the Decleration at one time or another. All werent members, but all gathered here.


This church was founded long before the Country was founded!



Yes, there are people buried in the Church. It was only for the most respected members or the Church. The closer to the alter, the more you had influence in the church, but being in the building was a great form of respect.


These are the names of the people who came from England, risked their life and started this Church.


This very Bell hung in the fork of a tree 316 years ago and rang when church was being held. It was made in the same foundry as the Libery Bell, almost 75 years before the Liberty Bell was made.


I’ve been here 10 to 12 times, this was Pam’s first visit. Like everyone else, she loved it.


The elevated Pulpit is on the right of photo. The Church was founded in 1695. Only 12 pastors have ever presided over this congregation. 12 pastors in 316 years! Incredible.


I love hosting friends, sharing some of my favorite places and events. Here Stephen and Todd stand in front of the alter.


Pam and I hosted Campbell and Dianne Haigh, and some of their business team. Jake Baker, Elizabeth Baker, Bryon James, George Goodwin.


My good friend Aaron. His second time to the Church.


Tara and Matt in the pew box that was George Washingtons Family’s. It gave me chills the first time I sat in this pew, and I get chills every time since.


Dennis and Tammy.


From Southern California, Derek and Bryon.


Do you realize how many people who founded our Country worshiped here! The Decleration was signed in 1776, this was opened 81 years earlier. The Church curator says almost every signer was in this building at one time or another.


George and Rene.


Todd in Washingtons booth!



While at a Phillies game, I brought 3 rookies to the hallowed grounds, here is West, Andrew and Tim.



Sharing one of my favorite places on earth, with 4 great couples.

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Family Beach Trip

Hello Everybody,

I know it’s been awhile since we have posted on the blog, but we have just been having so much fun, we haven’t had time to sit down and write about it!

In July we spent two weeks at the beach for one of our annual family trips. We rented two cottages on the sound at our favorite spot on the coast of NC.


We invited some of our friends and family to spend a few days with us.

Our good friends Dave and Jodi Perez…



One of our favorite places to eat at. Its a little burger and fry joint thats straight out of the 50`s and 60`s. Its not decorated vintage, it IS vintage. And oh yea, its a old fashoned ice cream soda fountain. Perfect for a late evening summer treat. Here`s the entire Winters family all together with good friends David and Jodi.


Another fav, a chef from NYC relocated to this tiny little island, ( can you say witness protection? ) and works here at a small corner hot dog and hamburger place during the day. But after 5pm, it offers some of the best high end meals you will ever experience anywhere. Im not sure what this guy did, but im glad hes in NC. Tip, do not send your food back if its not perfect! Not a good idea….


Pams nephew and one of our business partners, Chris.  Alais, Fred Durst

We spent ALOT of time playing:

swimming at the sandbars…

playing catch near (and in) the water…

Matt played college baseball, David played colege baseball, I played a little ball. Stephen and Ricky, not so much. However, the apple doesnt fall far from the tree. They can throw and catch even the hardes throws of Matt and David.


Playing catch on Leigh Isl.


On the beach

IMG_1307 (2)



Ricky and Stephen Wakeboard. Pam Skis. I drive the boat.



Me and Pam, on her 100 mph Yamaha Jet Ski. And they ain`t playin when they say, JET !



Tara, going 85 mph ! just kidding…



Ricky was recovering from a MX injury so he did something quite easy, tranquil, safe! He took Taras new paddle board for a spin right behind our cottage. He was blessed with a family of Dolphins feeding all around him. Here are two that were playing with him. This was from our dock just a few feet from out cottage.


Tara and Roxie, the wonder dog! With here life vest on!



7 am, not a sole on this tiny little island.


5:45 am, heading to Leigh Island, a completly deserted island a 10 minute boat ride from our cottage to see the sunrise! Spectular. I love being on the water early morning and late evening ! As the sun comes up, and as the sun goes down.


Our all purpose Yamaha jet boat. Anchored at Leigh island while we play.


Stephen and Ricky ready to wakeboard. Roxie tagged along. Stephen 23, Ricky 21, brothers, best friends, and now buisness partners. they have been to this part of NC coast every year sine birth. Its a huge part of our family traditions!


Tara, Matt and Roxie

Hunting for seashells…

Watching (and photographing) sunsets and sunrise…










And my favorite, pre Sunrise, about 5:45. The sun came up at 6:10.

Obviously this is just a small portion of what we did over two weeks, but the best part was being there as a family, making memories and living the dream together!


Enjoying another 2 weeks in NC paradise. We are so thankful for our freedom. As Americans, and business owners not tied to a job, desk, or schedule of Any kind. Thanks for letting me share a little slice of our life with you. LW, Livin the Dream

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A week in Pebble Beach

Here are a few images and words about our recent trip to the Monteray Peninsula, and the world famous Pebble Beach Resort. This has been a Dream of ours for a very long time, and is a Dream for so many other people. I love the fact that Dreams do come true, and this one has for me and Pam, as well as our friends Joe and MaryBeth, Greg and Jacquie, Jody and Kathy. This was everything we expected, and then some. The scenery was spectacular, the food superb, and the service was as good as it gets. All 3 couples have been blessed to experience many of the worlds top destinations, but for me, this now my favorite place in the States. I hope you are able to experience this yourself one day, but until then, enjoy my images.

To see more landscape and golf course images, go to which is my sports blog.


This is one Very Classy place.


Pam and I with our friends Joe and MaryBeth, Greg And Jacquie after a incredible dinner at Roy’s, which was right in the Hotel.


The views were nothing short of stunning. This is the Lone Cypress, and has been standing here for more than 250 years. It is the Logo for the Pebble Beach Resorts.


No schedule, no appointments, no rushing around. Free to casually Enjoy the beauty that is the Monteray Peninsula.


This is the view of the 18th hole at Pebble Beach from the cliffs of Carmel.



Pam and MaryBeth, with 100’s of seals on Bird Rock, just a hundred yards away. So cool to see this many animals in the wild at one place.


Yes, those are Seals in the water, on the bottom of the rock, on the side, and Top of the rock! top of the rock, and no legs, impressive!


After dinner at Roy’s with good guy and good friend Jody Victor. Jody bought dinner for everyone, and we gave him a Hat !


Joe and MB, our friends for 23 years now, enjoying another world class resort and trip together.


Shopping, eating and hanging out in the Absoutley charming town of Carmel. Pam, Gina, Kathy and MB.


The Inn at Spanish Bay, enjoying the late afternoon, and sunset before dinner. Perfect weather.


Jacquie, Pam and MaryBeth enjoying the majestic sunset.


Yes we golfed. 2 of the 3 courses at the PB Resort. Pebble Beach, and here, the Links at Spanish Bay. More golf images at


This is the Lodge at Pebble Beach. incredible atmosphere, incredible views.


 We ate lunch here.



A long standing tradition at Spanish Bay, the bagpiper playing on the 18th hole at sunset. Pretty cool.


Carmel By the Sea, overlooking the massive beach.


Pam, in her element. I dont know of anyone who loves the beach more? Any beach!


We rented a convertible for the week. It was a good decision.



A late afternoon lunch at a great little Italian restaurant in Carmel. No crowds, just Quality time with best friends.


A little lunch after a great round with Greg and Joe. Joe was in the pro shop buying them out!


A week we will never forget, but one we will enjoy together again, somewhere, at another Spectacular resort?

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NYC Marathon extras

Here are just a few more pictures from race day at the marathon.





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NYC Marathon 2010

Good Morning, it’s been awhile since we’ve had a blog post up! Life has been crazy in the best possible way! We have been all over the place and I can’t wait to share all the pictures with you here.

On November 7th, Pam and her sister Bonnie walked, and Ricky Winters ran this year’s NYC Marathon. This was Pam’s second marathon and Ricky and Bonnie’s first.


Here are some pictures from the race:

-Ricky Winters at 16 miles, coming into Manhattan

-Pam and Bonnie at the 16 mile mark

-Ricky approaching the Finish Line, looking strong!

-Pam and Bonnie approaching the 26.2 mile finish line

-200 yards to go!

-We did it!

-Pam and Bonnie in their capes, right after crossing the Finish Line!

-Pam with her medal

-Sisters enjoying their accomplishment!

Ricky ran this race in 4hr 19min.

Pam and Bonnie speed walked the 26.2 miles.

We were all very proud of their achievements!


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I was 30 years old before I flew on a airplane for the first time. At that time Pam and I flew to Grand Rapids Mi., coach. Back of the plane. I think there were small farm animals on board with us? A few years later we got to fly first class. Wow, what a upgrade. Well, since then, weve had a chance to fly many levels above 1st Class, its called Private Aircraft. No early arrival, no long lines, NO security check points! Just show up and Go…I love it when the pilot ask : are you ready to go?” I believe Lifestyle is ” Time & Money”. Not just one of these , but both. Time with no money is not good. But, Money with No time is worse. Time is one thing that no amount of money can purchase. Time is a very precious commodity. Well, thats one of these very nice Tools do for someone. They save you, Buy you time. Pam and I seem to be traveling this way more and more often. Each time we appreciate it more than the last, because we realize more and more, that Time is Very Precious….

Recently, we earned a week with our business team to any destination in the US for our entire family. We chose Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Not only did we get a all expense paid trip to an awesome resort in JH, it included the G5 out and back, Raleigh to Wy. It was an incredible trip, but we all agreed unanimously the G5 was the highlight of the trip.

The G5 is a 50 Mill $ ride! 50 Mill. I was a car wash manager and Pam a car wash cashier when we got married.

Hows this for a on board snack? Fresh Strawberries or a bag of Peanuts, your choice.

This is a quality of life most people cant even imagine. PW, SW, RW

This is a G2. We chartered this for a business convention in the Mid-West we were all speaking.

Pam & I and 6 couples, all friends of ours, ready to leave RDU. No, you cant leave till the Ladies recieve their flower.

The guys dont get flowers.

Pam, Michelle and Susan, on board, ready to go…

Sometimes we need to be in two places at once. Sometimes commercial airline schedules dont meet our needs. So, just grab one of these babies, and I promise you`ll be there when you need to be.

Here we are arriving in Des Moines Ia, being greeted by our friends Jake and Lacy.Pam, former car wash cashier, for 7 long years. Now, traveling on private aircraft.

Another trip to the Mid-West, another Citation.

Sometimes the trips are shorter, so we use the Pilatus. Me, Terry and Danny heading home in style.

Lori and Pam

Doug and Alan, both pilots themselves, sat in the passenger seats on this trip. With me and Mike, we all flew private from Maui to Kawai to ride dirt bikes. Yes, just to ride dirt bikes. But the commercial planes didnt get us there early enough, so we made it happen.

Our very succesful business partners sent this G5 to Raleigh for Joe and I. A quick trip out to Denver for a 2 hour meeting and a quick trip back home. Awesome…

Now, hows this for an on board meal? Come on, Shrimp, Lobster, Salmon, Prime Rib ? Are you kidding?  No!!!

I can`t make this stuff up. My imagination isn`t that good. My friend and business partner of 22 years, Joe, enjoys some lobster, among other thngs.

LDub, checking out the lobster. I used to get 20 min for lunch, went to Hardee`s. Would get 2 burgers, fries, drink, 2.99.

Seriously, it dosent get any better than this…

The Car Wash couple, on the tarmac with our Excursion, getting on board the G2.  L-Dub P-Dub Blessed and “Living the Dream”

Yea, this is how we Roll…No, I didnt have enough money to get Pam to do this???

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Extreme Lifestyle

Motocross racing has been a large part of my life, and our family’s for the last 12 years. Stephen and Ricky have been racing amateur MX almost 40 weekends a year since 2000. Stephen retired from amateur racing 2 years ago to start his own business and partner with Pam and I. Ricky continued on, and turned Professional this past June.  We are blessed with the time and finances to attend almost all their amateur races, and now we are able to see him race as a pro. This is a dream come true for me, as I raced amateur mx as a teen, and always dreamed of being a pro rider. Well, both Stephen and Ricky were much better than I was, and both accomplished much more than I did. Here is a look at a very different side of our lifestyle than you might ever expect. After 12 years, hundreds of races, thousands of motos, millions of dollars, and countless memories, here we are…..


I started riding motocross in 1974, with 3 close friends. Mike Bundy, Rush McMomas and Barry Elam. This is me with my Yamaha 125 and Dodge van in 1977.


1978 Sanford NC. Now riding a 1978 1/2 RM 125 C model.


We all had one bike, one helmet, one set of gear.


1978, Pam and her puppy, at one of the many amateur races we attended.


Mike Bundy, getting the Holeshot in the 250 B class, at a track named SME. This track is still operating, its the oldest mx track in Virginia, now called Actiontown. Mike and I both raced here, as well as Stephen and Ricky. Pretty cool.


1979, me with my 1979 KX 125 A5.


L-Dub on his favorite bike of all time. I sold this bike in 1980 to have money for our honeymoon.


Me and Stephen, age 3, enjoying another day with a free dad.


The boys, 4 and 2.


I was hoping for a shortstop and second baseman, but MX was in their DNA !


Here they are on their KX 80 and KX 60.  #12 was for Double with qualified legs, 14 was for FAA points. You gotta keep you goals in front of you. It worked!


Local practice track, Stephen telling Ricky he can do the jump. Ricky Honda CR 80.


Stephen and his Honda CR 125.


SW putting in the work!


This is the boys trophy room, and bike shop. Ricky`s #141,  Stephen`s #102, other rider I helped #34.


Ricky as a amateur, B class, holeshot, Loretta Lynn Regional, Red Bud Michigan.


RW, 120 ft triple jump, Georgia.


RW, getting some air on a supercross practice track.

The boys racing has taken them to 23 different States(including Hawaii), and across the pond to Europe. Here we are celebrating Team USA’s victory at the MX Master Kids in Belgium.


Ricky putting in the work, 2010, just before turning pro.


Personal Freedom means you can attend Mid Week pratice sessions, as well as any race you want !


Pam and I at Rickys last race as a amateur.


The big time, AMA Pro Nationals


Ricky, now on Team Dragon, KTM 250, #690


Millvile Minnesota, 2010


RW, Unadilla NY



Ricky’s Team Dragon is run buy AG Motorsports. AG is initials for, Amazing Grace ! Pretty cool..


A proud Mom and her “Little” boy! Yes, we “Live the Dream” every day. Now Ricky is Living his. Dreams do come true!

What are your Dreams? Make them happen too…

– L-Dub

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Heritage Tour – Washington, DC and Philadelphia, PA

I just got back from a great road trip to our current nation’s capital and our original nation’s capital. My traveling companions were my son Stephen, Johnny D and Matt Lee. We were meeting our friend Jody Victor in Philly.

We arrived in Washington, DC just in time to see a spectacular sunrise. Once the sun brought the city to life, we headed north to one of my favorite places on earth – South Philly and South Jersey, my old stomping grounds.

The purpose of the trip was to host my good friend, Jody Victor first class, VIP style. While there we took in two Phillies games, Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, the oldest Italian Restaurant in America, and world-famous Donkey’s.


-Sunrise, Washington Monument


– With my brother Rick serving a tour in Vietnam, and my sister’s fiance giving his life there, this is a very special Memorial to me.


-Freedom Is Not Free


-A blessed cotton candy sunrise over the Capitol


-The Lincoln Memorial comes to life


-Abe.  I love his Geico commercial!


-No comment!


-It is a beautiful building though.


-The sun is up, now we’re off to Philly!


-Independence Hall. Where Godly, inspired men founded the greatest country on earth.


-This is a very special room. All of the founding Fathers sat here.


This was Jody’s first visit to Philadelphia and all of these historic places.


This is what the Founders saw back in 1776.


-I’ve been to Independence Hall many times. It’s very rare to see the second floor. This is the Governor’s Office, all Original! Floors, furniture, almost everything from the 1700`s.


-Also upstairs was an Armory. Jody Victors family made the musket balls just outside Philly. Of Course!


-It is even more special when you can experience history with your son.


-This place was awesome. Christ Church, where many founding fathers were members and attended Sunday service on a regular basis.


-This was George Washington’s pew. He and his family sat in this very box for many years.


-Me, Jody and Ben Franklin, sitting in Ben’s pew!


-We had a private tour of the Liberty Bell. We were in for 2 hours before it was opened to the public. I’m so glad security didn’t find us! whew…



-We even had time to set up the LTD backdrop.


-Jody seeing the Bell for the first time.


-So much for separation of church and state? Leviticus 25:10 is on the bell, our undeniable symbol of Freedom !




Now we’re off to some Phillies games and some awesome food!


PS- check out my sports blog for more about the games we saw…and food we ate!

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Princess Week at the Princess Hotel

Last week was pretty fabulous. Mom and I spent a week at the St. Regis hotel in New York City with some of her friends Mia Ayers and Nancy Ayers. The ladies were there for a special shopping trip for Mia and I got to tag along to document with photos and video.

The St. Regis is our very favorite hotel. We call it the Princess Hotel because we feel like a princess every minute we are there!



After all three ladies arrived, we took the hotel’s “house car” to dinner, which just happened to be a Bentley!


Speaking of food, we had some great meals during the week…

Starting with breakfast at the hotel, this french toast was perfection. A great way to start the day!

Lunch at Pastis, a little French cafe in the Meatpacking District…


Dinner at Radiance Tea House…


And of course dessert at Serendipity3!

Frozen Hot Chocolate is always a great way to end any meal…

Like I mentioned before, this was a special shopping trip so we were women on a mission! And let me just tell you we were very successful in our quest!




When we weren’t power-shopping or eating delicious meals, we found time to fit in a few evening activities. We caught a Broadway show and afterwards took an exciting Pedi-cab ride home!






It was a wonderful week and I am so glad I was able to share it with these special ladies!




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